Guru Peyarchi 2013


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Mesham Rashi Tamil Horoscope 2013 (Aries)

2013 is coming with good stars and blessings for you. In spite of getting good news, you will not feel satisfied. Due to which, your mental peace will suffer. During this year, you need to be very careful while taking decisions of your life, related to anything. You might also suffer from family clashes due to misunderstandings. From family or love life?s point of view, this year is not much favorable. However, you will do wonders in professional life. Income will increase, which will help you in saving good. You might invest money for family welfare or religious things. In love matters, you need to be sharp. Don?t leave any matter leniently; you have to solve all your issues because they might turn disastrous in coming future or even break-up. Overall, you will be calm and composed throughout the year while dealing with your life.

Rishabham Rashi Tamil Horoscope 2013 (Taurus)

2013 is bringing good news for people born under this sign. The whole year will be exciting and fun. Whatever you will do, will come with ten times better results. All your efforts will give you results above expectations. It is a good year; try to utilize best of it because at the end you will only count on your efforts. You will feel contended from all spheres of your life. Over that, your family atmosphere will keep your soul refreshed. If you are single and planning to get mingled then this is the right time for you, don?t wait, the time is yours. Don?t worry if you have not met anyone till now, you will meet your love partner very soon. However, you might get worried from your professional front. It is advisable for you not to trust anyone else other than you. If you are a student, many opportunities are running toward you that are going to meet you in 2013. While looking for any course or institute, you need to listen to your heart for better selection.

Mithunam Rashi Tamil Horoscope 2013 (Gemini)

2013 is going to be a challenging year for you. Don?t get scared and buckle up your belt to face the thrill. Some wrong deeds might get fame in your name, where you don?t have even a single finger wet in the sin pond. You need to put each step carefully because a minute mistake can bring tornadoes to your life. It is like as if demons are waiting to see you fall and cry, but you have to gather the strength to make them cry. One thing that you need to watch and control is your words. Even your jokes might be taken as curse by people. Anybody might get hurt from you, even in the case when you won?t have any intention of hurting anyone. From professional front, it is not that bad, neither easy. You need to work harder to keep your position safe or for increments. Someone close might betray you, which will keep distressed for a long span of time. You are advised not to reveal the pages of your life in front of anyone. In any case, tensions and stress won?t help you. Obviously, you are being asked to keep yourself away from depression and fight with bad time. Avoid any risy transaction in money matters because you might lose some money. After all, ups and downs are the part of life. So, take it easy.

Kadagam Rashi Tamil Horoscope 2013 (Cancer)

2013 is coming with rude stars, that might give you tensions and stress. Whatever you will face in 2013 will not be because of anyone else, it is you who is responsible. Your stars might influence you to act negatively, which in turn will becomes dangerous for you. Before doing any action or saying something, think twice. Further, you need to set your priorities to avoid messing up. However, you don?t have to worry much because some good stars are also here, which might make some fine changes in your life. These changes are needed by you to lead a peaceful life. Your love life might give you some very beautiful moments in this time. Income sources will increase and you will get better opportunities to save. Apart from this, you need to manage a balance between your personal and professional life otherwise this might lead you to stress. Indeed, 2013 is a good year for you, but you need to keep yourself safe from unnecessary arguments and fights.

Simmam Rashi Tamil Horoscope 2013 (Leo)

2013 will give you some extraordinary moments. This year is going to be one of the best years of your life. You might get disappointed any time in your life, but this year is coming just for happiness. You don?t need to ask anyone for anything because this time your instinct will take you toward heights. You will feel quite satisfied with your income and be able to save well. The needs of your family and love will also be satisfied. Due to which, you will get happiness from them. Indeed, it is a favorable time for students and jobseekers too; they will get the opportunity they were dreaming of. Utilize the best of this time and don?t waste a single moment.

Kanni Rashi Tamil Horoscope 2013 (Virgo)

People born under this sign are known for their wisdom and perfection. This year, you might decide to take a break from your moribund life to space out for yourself. You will realize the importance of love and the people you love. Spending time with your loved ones will help you with mental peace. Your excellence makes everything done by you perfect. People will praise you for your work at workplace. Promotion can also be seen. You are an expert and know how to balance things in life. This will keep your schedule busy throughout the year, but still you will stay happy. Before investing anywhere, just go through the pros and cons to avoid miss-happenings and losses. Travels for work will give you profits, so don?t avoid them.

Thulaam Rashi Tamil Horoscope 2013 (Libra)

Time for acting childish is over, now you have to act smart. Unnecessary changes won?t impress you because you love your life the way it is. However, change has to come because it is the law of nature and nobody can help it. Even if you don?t like the change, it will benefit you in coming future. Apart from this, you will stay distressed throughout the year. Unfavorable conditions might affect your health badly, so avoid taking tensions as they are of no use. 2013 has not brought too much of luck in his bag for you. So, stay alert in all your acts. You might have fights with your lover, which will arise from small arguments, so avoid them. You might have to suffer from a break in business partnership due to internal issues. In order to get good results in things, you will have to put too much of hard work and energy. In some cases, you might seek advices from your seniors or some experts. Students are needed to give their 100% for achieving desired goal.

Viruchigam Rashi Tamil Horoscope 2013 (Scorpio)

You people are the most enthusiastic amongst all. Nobody can keep you upset for long. You will have a roller coaster ride throughout this year. One moment you will be on cloud nine and another moment you will find yourself drowning in gloomy ocean. However, you know how to overcome and deal with the situation. You might have to suffer from some family conflicts this year, but things will be fine in the end. Your love relationship is demanding more attention this year. In terms of career, this year is wonderful. You will get good opportunities to showcase your talent this year, which will make you happy. You believe in living in present, due to which you won?t be able to save anything this year. People under this sign are quite hard working and adventurous, which leads them to take risk. Your risk taking tendency might land you up in difficult situation, so avoid them.

Dhanusu Rashi Tamil Horoscope 2013 (Sagittarius)

2013 has not got anything special for you. It doesn?t mean that it has got something bad. The thing is, this year has left things on you. Now, it is the time when you will decide your own destiny. People under this sign are more carefree and they have to leave this tendency for this year to live happily. You are not of the type who love home, you love travelling; however, your health might suffer due to useless travels. Health should be your topmost priority this year because a sick person cannot do anything. You need to become easier because things might not work under your stubborn behavior. As you are the creator for this year, take things more seriously otherwise you might end up with messed up life. Complications might turn your way in love. Your life might suffer due to misunderstandings. In financial matters, the year seems good, but don?t expect too much, it might hurt.

Magaram Rashi Tamil Horoscope 2013 (Capricorn)

2013 is bringing many good things for people under this sign. You will be blessed with fame and prosperity. All your desires will be fulfilled this year. You can expect almost anything and live your dreams. Success will come your way in almost everything done by you. During this time, you will get support from your friends and love from your beloved. Only family matters might make you sad this year. You can do nothing about it. So, don?t worry at all and concentrate on your career. Utilize this time as much as you can. This time is in full support for taking you to heights of success. You are definitely going to earn a good amount of money, but investment is not suggested by stars. Students should avoid being in wrong company, this will affect them badly.

Kumbam Rashi Tamil Horoscope 2013 (Aquarius)

2013 is bringing loads of happiness for you. You crave the most for love and respect. Diligence is in your nature and you accomplish all assigned tasks with a feel of responsibility. You will be praised for your dedication at workplace and your quality work will take you to heights. A promotion might come your way. Your family loves and respects you. You love to be the center of affection amongst family members. However, you have to be careful about your love life otherwise you might have to face fights with your beloved. This year is lucky for you and nothing seems to be serious. In no time, you will come over the small fights with your beloved. Overall, the satisfaction level this year will keep you happy.

Meenam Rashi Tamil Horoscope 2013 (Pisces)

People like you are really emotional and easily get overridden by emotions. Position of stars is suggesting you to believe yourself instead of anyone else. This time you should deal with situations using your brain and your point of view. Overall, this year is going to be a very good year for you. However, you will not be noticed at your home or workplace, no matter how many efforts you put in. During this time, you will override things and think too much, which will ruin even good things. You will take things negatively, even if everything is going good. In your love life, you need to take a firm decision and stand by it. For investment matters, it is not a favorable time for you. Some fraud in investment or decrement in income might make you depressed, which might affect your health too. In 2013, you are advised to take good care of your health.